May LOVE Reading (For All 12 Signs + Collective Message)

May LOVE Reading (For All 12 Signs + Collective Message)



This is an hour long video for love energies in the month of May.

Venus is coming home in the sign of Taurus, and Mars is moving in its detriment in Cancer.

A lot of shifts in the masculine/feminine dynamics are to be expected this month.

Within the collective, ourselves, and our relationships.

I start with a reading for the collective and discuss the month, then move into readings for each zodiac sign.

Aries - Pisces

This is for single people and couples.

I used 3 decks (Wisdom of the Oracle, Whispers of Love, and Romance Angels)

Time Stamps are included!

Watch for your sun, moon, rising, and venus sign!

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The digital file express in 24 hrs, so be sure to open and save the link upon purchase.

FOR THE LOVERS!!!!!!!!!!

OJC <3

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