Cosmic Check Up (Natal + Transits) / Past, Present, Future Tarot Reading

Cosmic Check Up (Natal + Transits) / Past, Present, Future Tarot Reading



This reading is booked for August 2019.

You will receive your reading between 8/12-8/16.

Your reading will be sent directly to your email, and it will include a google docs link that takes you to your recorded reading.

This reading ranges from 20-25 minutes.

In this reading,

  • I focus on the transits of the previous month, current month, and next month.

  • I discuss the year long transits/energy you are experiencing + lunar events taking place during this current season for you.

  • I predict/inform you on the astrological events taking place in your life right now, and what you need to work through/focus on in order to ascend towards your higher personal destiny.

  • I pull a past, present, and future tarot card at the end of your reading, which covers the past 6 months, present reality, and the next 6 months after receiving your reading.

If you have any specific concerns, specific themes that have been coming up for you, confusion about your experiences, or there is a direction you are unsure about, this reading is for you.


Thank you so much for trusting me and supporting my work through your purchase of this service.

I genuinely look forward to reading your chart!

Please email me at if you have any further questions after your purchase is complete.



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