1 Question Answered / Mini Intuitive Tarot Reading

1 Question Answered / Mini Intuitive Tarot Reading


This is very self explanatory.

If you are in need of advice, this reading is for you.

Ask me 1 question and I will email you my answer/guidance within 3-5 business days.

Feel free to inform me on the details of your situation, as long as you have 1 clear question/concern to ask me by the end.

To answer your question, I will use my own intuition + pull a few tarot cards to confirm.

I generally write 2-3 paragraphs, sometimes up to half a page as a response.

This is sent to your email, and also includes a picture of the cards I pulled. (the tarot picture on this page is an example of how many cards I pull / what you can expect to see)

I look forward to answering your question.



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