My name is Olivia J. Cabrera, OJC Astrology from YouTube. 

Professional astrologer and tarot reader. Born in south florida. 

I started to study the esoteric realm in 2015, self taught through books, videos, online courses, channeling, meditation, and ritual work. I also spent one year in an deep spiritual recluse in central florida during 2016 where I began writing horoscopes. I came back and launched OJC Astrology in 2017 on the YouTube platform.

Amongst my healing services, I am a writer and lover of the arts. Majority of my childhood was dedicated to music from the ages of 8-13 years old- I sang and performed, where now I use music to channel frequency through my readings, and tune into the collective emotional vibration. 

I specialize in self-esteem building, self-liberation, vulnerability, and serving the collective as an motivational and pure, raw guide.

My personal mission is to empower lovers all over the world, and encourage heart-based freedom. 

My practice is rooted in the realm of emotions, where I exist as a force of love for all who need my energy. 

Leading the new age of astrology and spirituality, with daily tarot readings for the collective, and monthly readings for the zodiac.

Personality type ENFJ, life path number 33, Pisces sun, Virgo moon, and Capricorn ascendant- to be a fish, to be a lover.